Using our expertise and experience working on some of the largest databases and data warehouses in Europe and the world while constantly facing new technologies and opportunities they present, our experts provide following services to cover the full spectrum of data management.

How we work with customers

End-to-end projects 
With this option we take a project end to end and bring it to life including management, requirements collection, design, implementation, testing and support. This option is good for companies which don’t have existing capability to take on the new project work required.
Remote teams 
This option is for companies who want to hire new experienced teams in a different location without the need to open an office and go through all the legal and operational complications involved.
Team extensions
With this option we enable extending existing internal teams to a different location and providing the expert capabilities to the customers directly.
Support contracts
This is a cost effective option for long terms support contracts or extension of existing applications and databases support teams with ability to cover 24/7 support to ensure service availability.




- AWS Architecture & Design

- AWS Implementation

- AWS Cloud Infrastructure

- AWS Cloud Applications

- Onsite Infrastructure

- Locally hosted applications

- Hybrid Infrastructure

- Hybrid Applications

- Oracle Architecture & Design

- Oracle Implementation

- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

- Oracle Cloud Applications

- Star and Snowflake Models

- Data Vault Model

- Relational Model

- Hierarchical Model


- Talend

- Apache Airflow

- AWS Data Pipeline

- AWS Glue

- Oracle PL/SQL and SQL

- Python

- Postgres PL/pgSQL and SQL

- Java SE and Java EE


- Oracle Database

- Oracle RAC

- Oracle Exadata

- Oracle EBS

- Oracle Cloud

- Oracle Data Guard


- Oracle PL/SQL and SQL

- Oracle Database

- Oracle Exadata

- Oracle RAC

- Postgres PL/pgSQL and SQL

- AWS Redshift


- AWS Aurora Performance


- to AWS RDS

- to AWS Redshift

- to AWS S3

- to AWS EMR

- to Oracle Cloud

- Internal migrations


- Tableau reports and dashboards

- Machine Learning